Good Media Writing for TA Professionals

05/06/18 09:30

'Dear Financial Times,

Thank you very much for printing our announcement. Next time, please don’t change the words...'

This is a real message sent by a managing director to Lex at the FT. Although we smile, we’ve all had the same feeling from time to time. Why can’t they just print what we send?

They can and often do. But only if we know how to write our story according to the media’s own rules.

Journalists are trained to compose news items and features using vocabulary, structure and conventions which are nothing like those we use in the corporate world. Their Golden Rule is the shorter the better. Sub-editors are strict: news items have to follow a set format.

If we know how to comply with the media’s own maxims we can expect our media material to appear more often, at greater length and substantially unchanged.

The TAF’s Good Media Writing workshop explains what these rules and conventions are. You will learn how to draft copy which the media will recognise as ‘good media writing’. Your hit-rate will increase because you are making the media’s work easier for them.

The workshop covers press releases, news-features, op-eds, case-studies, letters to the editor, blog-posts, tweets and tactics for dealing with issues, problems and crises. You will learn tools and techniques for providing information to print media, online media, radio and TV. The workshop describes the different requirements of national media, trade media and general interest outlets.

The workshop is presented by an ex-journalist with over twenty years’ experience of writing PR material for B2B, consumer and public sector clients.

Participants receive a set of guides and checklists together with copies of the tutorial.

The presenter, Adrian Wheeler, trained as a reporter and now works in public relations. He has represented The Federation of American-Controlled Shipping, The British Toy and Hobby Association, Food and Wine from France, The Obesity Management Association, The Marketing Society, The Association of British Pewter Craftsmen, The US Cotton Council, The European Copper Association, Denmark in Britain and (as chairman) The Public Relations Consultants Association. He is the author of the PRCA guide ‘Purchasing Public Relations’.

99 Bishopsgate

Nearest tube station is Liverpool Street or Moorgate.

Tuesday, 5th June 2018

09.30 – 17.00
Lunch and refreshments will be provided

£275 + VAT per person

To reserve your place at this workshop, please email

Cancellations must be made in writing to by 22nd May 2018, we cannot offer a refund after this date.
The Trade Association Forum is not liable for any travel costs associated with our events.

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